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Pain Perception

Pain indicators can set off autonomic nervous system pathways seeing that they go through the medulla, causing amplified heart speed and blood pressure, speedy breathing as well as perspiring. The degree of these reactions depends upon the intensity of pain, with they can be stressed out by brain centers in...
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Energy Wells and Stables States

Energy Wells and Stables States Correct frequencies are thought to create instantaneous changes these changes change the state of the tissue The changes are often permanent When the patient’s metabolism, attitude and mechanics support the change in state this will help to achieve a stable state in a human system...
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What is Pain?

Pain is an unpleasant feeling which may be associated with actual or potential tissue damage. Despite causing suffering, pain is a critical component of the body’s defence system. It is part of a rapid warning relay instructing the motor neurons of the central nervous system to minimise detected physical harm....
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