The Nature of Biological Systems

The Nature of Biological Systems

  • Quantum vs. Newtonian view
  • Living Tissue = Biochemicals
  • Biological Quantum System
  • Molecules
  • Atoms
  • Subatomic Particles
  • Bits of energy whirling at great speed
  • Held together by electromagnetic bonds
  • In an energetic relationship
  • Tissue = Biochemical = Bioelectric System

Cells are Semiconductors

  • Gel lattice fills the cell
  • Water molecules line the lattice and form structures that turn the membranes into
  • Semiconductors
  • Easy rapid flow of current and information
  • Membrane proteins reconfigure in response to information in the form of frequencies

(Bruce Lipton – Biology of Belief)

Albert Szent-Gyorgi, PhD “Molecules do not have to touch each other to interact…water can form structures that transmit energy”. (Szent-Gyorgi 1988)

James Oschman, PhD All parts of the living martix set up vibrations at many different frequencies, these are not subtle phenomena; they are large even gigantic in sale.

Robert Becker, MD
  • The body is an electromagnetic conduction system.
  • The perineureum is a DC system that conveys infromation throughout the body and creates healing.
  • The perineural system is sensitive to electromagnetic fields.


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